If you’re looking to buy new rain gutters for your home, chances are this is the first time you’ve ever looked into them. Most homeowners never think twice about the gutters until water is leaking on doorsteps, flooding under the house and ruining their home. When you decide its time to replace your old rain gutters here are some things to consider. It’s easy to confuse new rain gutters with any new product like a TV for example. We shop around to find the best deal and buy from that retailer. It usually doesn’t matter which store sells us the TV because they are just the middle-man, not the manufacturer. We follow this pattern for the majority of our purchases. When someone looks at buying new rain gutters they resort to that same pattern for buying: shopping around for the best price. However, rain gutters are much more than the same product being offered by different companies. Each company has their own way of installing gutters. The installation process is what determines if your gutters will last for a long time or if you’ll be replacing them again next year. We come across countless gutters that are fairly new yet aren’t working properly and usually causing damage to the home. The company that installed them can’t be reached and the homeowner has to start over again with the whole process. So what do you look for? How do you differentiate between the companies that will install gutters so they last and those that could be out of business next year? Here are 5 things to look for to make certain you’re choosing the best possible company to install your new rain gutters.


RGP System

Getting rain water away from your home is the main purpose of rain gutters. Standing water left in the gutters can eventually ruin them. Our RGP System helps prevent standing water which not only prolongs the life of the gutter but it also helps prevent dry rot, mold, and mosquitoes.

Flashing offers the best protection

Flashing is a piece of metal that protects your roof from water damage. It slides under the roofing tar paper and also drops into the back of the gutter. The industry standard is to use a small ¾” lip on the back of the gutter to protect the roof. These tiny metal lips don’t always ensure the roof edge stays dry. We install a 2½” x 1” piece of flashing on all our gutters to help prevent water damage to your home.

Custom-fit downspout openings

Standard downspouts are 2” x 3” rectangular tubes. Yet most companies only use a small 2” round opening in the gutter to drain the water. We use a special die to punch a hole in the gutter the same size as the downspout. This drains the water more efficiently and is less likely to clog with leaves and debris, which means less time on the roof cleaning gutters.

Using proper nails and screws

Gutters need to be securely attached to the rafter tails to ensure they don’t pull away from the house. We receive several calls every winter from homeowners with water going everywhere because a rain gutter fell off. This usually happens because the wrong nails or screws were used. All our gutters are attached with large self-threading nails and screws that keep the gutters securely in place.

Lifetime Paint Warranty vs.
Workmanship Warranty

It’s important to understand the different warranties associated with new gutters. Lifetime warranties are for the paint finish only and are covered by the metal manufacturer not the installer. Most seamless gutters carry this warranty.
Workmanship warranties on the other hand protect you from the most common problems such as leaking seams and gutters that fall off. The industry standard is a 3 to 5 year workmanship warranty. We offer a 10 year No-Leak Guarantee that covers all workmanship. We can offer this guarantee because we install our gutters at the highest quality and we are confident they will last. With over 25 years experience you can rest assured that your new rain gutters will function properly and protect your home.